The Huszar Story

In the summer of 2006, Eva Sandor quit her job as a Creative Director, and one of the partners, in an acclaimed Chicago real estate advertising agency. She wanted to put her talents to work in diverse fields outside of real estate marketing.

One of the dreams Ms Sandor pursued was to create a line of horse tack that was as beautiful as the luxury leather goods people purchase for themselves. After extensive design and research, Huszar horse tack was born—and not long afterward, customers asked for (and got) Huszar dog gear, belts and t-shirts as well.

The Huszar, our mascot, is the historic cavalry soldier of Hungary and surrounding countries. He is synonymous with bravery, finery and a zest for life. If you, too, are brave enough to stand out from the crowd, you'll enjoy outfitting yourself and your animals with Huszar gear.

Outside of designing Huszar products, Ms Sandor still creates other works of graphic design and copywriting. If you are interested in a stylish look and feel for your own business, check the Creative Services link for more information.